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Proudly coined as Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a city steeped in technology as it is in culture and it is this juxtaposition that brings in a sense of adventure into the pulse of the city.

Wake up to any usual day in Bangalore and you'll feel the smattering of Kannada uplift your senses. It is the synergy of technology and culture that makes Bangalore a bright spot in the Indian diaspora. Media Mantra is brimming with this kind of curry of a variety in avenues as it sets forth to unify South. The organization specializes in diverse sectors as it surges to empower the Southern market with its unique solutions.

PR in this region is generally built on traditional practices that call for a revamp in terms of effectiveness and direction. We have always believed in a simple philosophy- to achieve greatness; one has to change the mould of greatness. Rather than arming organizations with the same old tropes of PR strategies rehashed and used repeatedly, we enterprise to create positioning strategies which emphasize their inimitable propositions and communication objectives- tailor made with unique requirements. This helps in building credibility in a speedy fashion and also is useful in garnering investor-centric attention.

We aim to create a diverse environment for organizations, big and small, to thrive and intend to leverage the older rules of southern PR with newer practices, creating a force field that attracts the best, in order to be one of the leading PR agencies in Bangalore.

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