6 Secret PR Weapons To Help Build Your Brand

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6 Secret PR Weapons To Help Build Your Brand

Branding is no child’s play as the rules of the market are adapting to the tunes of well-established brands. Take Coca-Cola, for instance- a brand built through years of hard work and consistence. Unfortunately, new-age businesses don’t have that time or budget on them, initially.  Here, to build your brand, you need an external help, apart from your own quality service and marketing ingenuity.

One keeps forgetting about the foremost critical competent towards crafting a powerful brand-the image perpetrated to the public.  It is the message that you want to give out which seals and breaks the deal amongst consumers. For any fledgling business, this is a key fact that should be imbibed in their book of “Startup Mantra”.  Public relations (PR), has a significant role to play here as they help harvest that image wisely. In fact, the initial stages of PR for start ups involves a stringent look into brand building, to cull out a fool proof plan to rake in visibility. Here are a few secret weapons that you should keep in mind:

Use data

Certainly, data in is buzz, with the copious amount of data mining entering into the conscience of mainstream marketing. Yet what organizations falter in is the apt utilization- even small amounts of data can be useful for a profound PR outreach. Building content around this data can be the key differentiator to elevate your brand.

Create key messages that define

Now comes the process of crafting messages that pique and excite. As mentioned above, content is the main differentiator between a “me-too” organization and an innovator in ways of playing the field. These messages should encapsulate the most aspects of what you want the world to know- the essence of the brand.  Practice putting these messages into a quick “elevator pitch” to create awareness amongst the unknown. Remember- your messaging needs to reflect the core values that you want to instil and you’ll have a strong USP to bank on.

Update your website

While churning out prolific messages, it is all too easy to neglect websites- a faux pas that can spell the death knell for your brand. Consumers get tuned out as they encounter outdated material, difficulties with navigation, and poor layout. Ensure to keep your website in sync with the current ongoings of the organization.  Highlight key progress and development and update biographies with the latest contact details for media inquiries.

Introduce yourself to key media.

The present day-and-age of business demands a greater visibility, to be successful amongst the public. This means that you must be familiar with all the reporters, broadcast and print, that would potentially cover your company or brand. Educate yourself business section of national and industry-specific publications that would cover your kind of business, and familiarize yourself with each reporter that would potentially be interested in what you have to discuss. This helps in building awareness and creating brand value.

Learn to tell stories

Storytelling is an art that every organization should master, in order to ring in awareness. It may sound difficult but on the contrary, it is actually easy. It is essentially packaging information into meaningful and entertaining narratives. This helps in forging stronger emotional bonds with customers and building value. The best stories aren’t just splashy entrepreneurial chronicles, but honest communications.

Third-party endorsement

To be strong, a brand promise must be credible, by having someone else talk about your brand rather tooting your own horn. The third-party endorsement is more effective than paid media as it helps in building value and trust. The most persuasive content might be closer to home; from customer testimonials, community happenings, to employee exploits.

An advice: The best PR solutions don’t cost much and hence should be incorporated to it’s fullest.


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