A Service that cares: The RiseSmart Case Study

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A Service that cares: The RiseSmart Case Study

What is the hallmark of a successful PR Campaign? The ability to create positive disruption by instilling a global idea into the halls made through the traditional system.Breaking through the old practices to bring a new ushering of ideas, comes off as a mountain hill of a task.  Often a traditional space warrantees sensitivity and in-depth insight, in order to create a breakthrough. Yet it is this challenge that whets the innards of most PR agencies. This is no different for our agency too- we choose to pick up the improbable and mold them into PR campaigns, worth recognition. Let us leaf through one of our most revered Recruitment agency case studies, for an esteemed client named RiseSmart. With their unique premise, Media Mantra has found an engaging campaign to take on.

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Who is RiseSmart?

RiseSmart is a premier provider of contemporary career transition services for organizations, in more than 40 industries and 70 countries. Known as a global outsourcing leader across the length and breadth of the industry, RiseSmart’s “beginning to beginning” approach combines dedicated career coaching and personal branding with patented technology and tools, to support transitioning employees.


Their goal is to generate prolific brand awareness for the industry, in order to create a newer discourse, where career transitioning is viewed as an extension of growing into a better professional.

The problem

For a nation that espouses the famed “shining” moniker, India is on a backhand in terms of attrition and termination. The present volatility in technology and other industries has forced organizations to shift focus and institute changes in their processes, including HR practices. As companies downsize due to an increased reliance on technology and a decreased need for human power, HR teams are finding themselves focus on helping impacted employees, transition out of their organization. Yet Indian organizations aren’t aware of outplacement services and a requirement to generate awareness was the need of the hour.

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The Communication objective

Our objective for PR campaign planning was three-pronged:

1#To position RiseSmart India as number one contemporary career transition service provider for organizations, to make the act of outsourcing a pleasant yet common practice.

2#To Introduce and create awareness about the platform among the general masses in India

3#Highlight the firm’s business and growth strategy by establishing effective communication network at every desired level

The above three were diverse in their treatment and required an in-depth approach, paired up with sensitivity towards the corporate framework of the industry.

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The PR strategy we applied

Tact, paired up with sensitivity is the common emotion through which we carried the PR campaigns forward. Firstly a sensitization was required amongst the journalists and media personnel, in order to make them the brand’s mouthpiece to the consumers. Our PR strategy was divided into the following categories:

Step 1: Information seeding

Here, Company and the spokesperson were introduced to the relevant media. This helped in bridging the communication gap.

Step 2: Announcements

As a first step to introduce the brand amongst the mass, formal announcement of company’s development, new projects or product launches thorough press release dissemination, were conducted. A mild sense of awareness was created.

Step 3: Trend Stories

One needs to go through a varied set of trends to establish a brand presence.  Therefore, participation in relevant stories through actively pitching story ideas and exploring participation opportunity in industry stories was undertaken. The curiosity was ramped up to another notch, through this.

Step 4: Guest Articles

To be a leader, it is important to exhibit leadership qualities. Here, authored article opportunities were worked upon, positioning the spokesperson as an Industry thought leader. Now the organization was speaking the land’s language.

Step 5: Relationship building meetings

Building a bridge helps cover the gaps. To bridge the gaps between target media and company, meetings were organized with key journalists and interviews along with features, were established. Newspapers such as Hindustan Times and Indian express were targeted to maximize the reach.


The industry has taken notice of the organization and has reacted favorably to the cause of outplacement. Hindustan Times, Entrepreneur, Mail Today and others had features and snippets allaying to the organization. High-performing and employee-centric organizations in more than 40 industries, including retail, technology, financial services, healthcare, consulting, and consumer products, are now relying on RiseSmart to help former employees find new jobs faster. A newer breakthrough in acquisition and talent management has taken place, with Media Mantra opening the floodgate of conversations around outplacement.  This has been another feather on the cap for Media Mantra and such association has truly added to the versatility of our agency’s repertoire.                                      

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