Building yourself as a thought leader

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Building yourself as a thought leader

It's becoming increasingly difficult to acquire customers as marketing costs keep increasing and customers are becoming more distrustful of paid advertisements. One misconception that needs to be debunked here is regarding “Paid Promotions”. You don't always have to pay for eyeballs—you can build and engage your audience organically by creating content that is useful and relevant for them. Always aim to build an audience within your industry and move customers through the funnel, through an organic recall value. One of the most effective ways is through building yourself as a Thought Leader, and here Public relations come into play.

This can be only done if you create unique, fresh, and relevant content for your audience every week, remaining in constant relevance, which leads to building up an immediately recognizable brand. While this isn't a magic bullet; it takes months to grow your website traffic and increase your subscribers organically, it can prove to be beneficial for a long run. After all, it provides a stellar opportunity to have targeted audience in your niche, extending your platform that connects you to them, something that can be achieved through borrowing a few lessons from the PR. So here are a few DIY public relations tips that you can bank upon:

  • First of all, if you don't have a blog you should dedicate time in creating one. It's not enough to publish 10 reference articles and then sit back, as consumers need to be constantly reminded of your presence. You need to publish content regularly, ideally every day, in order to be successful at building your audience. Try to blog on a daily basis, in order to drive traffic and build an industry audience. Remember, persistence is the key, here.

  • Make sure that you're creating quality content. Half-hearted outsourced content will not work at all. Seasoned thought leaders look out for breaking news on Google News and on industry news sites. If you see a story that you think has powerful legs to take the leap, try to get more details and enhance it.

  • To build an immediate connect; supplement the texts with some hard core statics to help readers visualize the data better. Don't rehash what everyone else is publishing, instead, try to make your content better, more detailed, more understandable.

  • Images make articles so much more shareable on social media, as almost all social media sites include article thumbnails, making it more engaging and relatable. Humans are visual creatures- they relate to things that are pictorial. There’s something about seeing an image that makes people want to click. Pepper your post with info graphics based on industry news.

  • Finally, make optimal use of email marketing by including a signup form on your blog to allow readers to subscribe to daily or weekly blog updates. Post this, set up automatic emails each time there is a new blog post. Remove any thought of spams- you're not spamming people with sales pitches; you're providing them with useful, relevant content that they have  indicated on further consumption



There are no shortcuts to success and if you consistently share unique, quality content, you will steadily build up prolific brand recognition to cash on.

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