Digital Media Landscape in India

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Digital Media Landscape in India

The Internet has forever altered the way we utilize and churn information, with Google’s immense school of knowledge being within the reach of our fingertips. It has subsequently taken the role of a cornerstone for setting up alternate channels of revenue, with Digital Marketing and Content Marketing taking the leading shares.

India has been a land known for its burgeoning population that grows in troves as we speak. Yet, the market base for local produce hasn’t been its core strength, within the nation, as if was for foreign regions. Post-circa 00’s, as traditional methods making way to modern tactics, the evolution of digital media landscape opened doors for businesses to market their services to their end customers in creative ways. This has been an important factor for a thriving economic base like India to eschew the change, deeply. Understanding the hidden potential it holds, Indian businesses started adopting this digital trend to spur business.


Essentially, digitization of market utilizes alternative channels to promote/sell products and services directly to the consumers. This forms a wider reach due to the growth of digital in India, owing to the nation’s prowess of producing the greatest minds in the online field. Due to their nature of immediate dissemination of information, digitally has is opted more often by marketers to reach potential customers in an intrinsic, personalized level. In a country as diverse as India, this is the only feasible way in touch basing with the target market. Hence, the extent of digital media usage in the nation is quantifiable and justifiable.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective method, harnessing the power of optimal reach and precise measurement tools, to disseminate the apt message across. There is no other form of marketing that precisely measure where the leads are coming from and what actions are taken when they reach any particular website. Indian brands/marketers are seen utilizing several analytical tools like Google Analytics, Quantcast and Radian6 to help them make smart spending decisions. Paired with prolific Content Marketing, Digital Marketing is successively changing how target audience assimilates the daily barrage of information and how they work upon it.

Content marketing

Content Marketing is used by a majority of the marketers in India, to get ahead of the competition by a profitable margin. With 66% of the marketers investing in content marketing, this significant number is expected to grow. By streamlining and understanding what, why, and how content marketing is impacting consumers to micro levels, the Indian marketers are able to cull out opportunities across the buyer’s journey.

Social Media

Keeping aside measurement and reach, the other big factor in context to digital market of India is how people are using the web. As of now, India already houses the world’s second largest population of internet users after China. Traditional media houses are being slowly driven to explore digital and with better connections, smart phones and computers, Indians are increasingly using the internet for more than just checking their email.

In both rural and urban areas, social networking is a key element in the total Internet usage. Facebook is now the most popular site in India. There are over 150M+ Facebook users, 160M+ Whatsapp users and 80M+ YouTube users in India. New platforms such as Daily Hunt (40M+ downloads) and ScoopWhoop (30M+ monthly active), Saavn (25M+ monthly active users), TVF (2M+ YouTube subscribers, 5M+ registered users) are just a sampling of the many ways in which a whole new generation of users is consuming text, video, and audio content. These numbers hold a testament of the fact that Social Media Management forms an important part of any marketer/brand’s media strategy.

Therefore, the Digital Media landscape of India is on a profitable space, with markets benefiting deeply from it. In the current years, we shall see how this plays a significant role in building an emboldened omnichannel for both marketers and consumers to mutually benefit.


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