How to Generate Positive PR to Counter Negative PR

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How to Generate Positive PR to Counter Negative PR

It is universal that for every rise, there is a fall. In the fast track to success, one overlooks the humbling nature that comes with a crisis. While it is advisable to reduce the negative impacts to minimal, it is foolish to think that the fortunes would always be in a favourable state. Same goes for publicity as bad publicity is nearly inevitable. One can learn greatly from any bad publicity as it provides a scope for improving the overall perception as well as proving the net value in the eyes of the masses. Similar to the conceptualization of a coin, there is a dual nature to negative publicity. It generally takes a proactive response to help move the messaging in a more positive direction. This is where good PR comes to play. A properly crafted damage control veers conversation back in the correct direction. Here are a few tips to utilise positive PR as counteraction:


Be honest.

Admit that you have gone wrong as acceptance is the first step towards honesty. It is essential to think your response through and face criticism on an open front. In most cases, a failure to react will only validate the criticisms, so an appropriate response is usually advisable. Admittance adds humility, a trait that builds audience connect instantly. In situations lacking clarity, respond by pledging to get to the truth immediately. Tact and humbleness can churn the favourable out of a dead situation.


Don’t overreact.

Frankly, it is easy to be emotional as it comes within our human nature to act by the heart. Yet one cannot condone the use inflammatory or defensive language when attacked with accusations. The tone that you use is a reflection of how well you react to pressure so it is advisable to adopt a neutral, succinct demeanour. Also, credibility is added to those who can provide pertinent answers with factual connotations. Loose talks and personal attacks add a bad taste to the already floundering situation.  


Work on fresh angles

If you’re getting burgeoned by negative PR, offer to provide quick solutions. Here you can work on building a more favourable angle based strategically dispensed third-party experts, customer comments or other alternative evidence. The above requires great amount of marketing skills and media know-how. No reporter would readily run a positive story on someone he had slandered recently in, so you'll have to come up with something that compels him to believe in the bigger picture and generate positive content. If your information expands the story in a way that benefits both parties, that could work to modify the coverage in a positive direction.



With controlled responses and an affirmative viewpoint, the damage can be minimised to a nominal level. While they say loyalty is fickle, so is bad publicity and with time, it tides over. The best way to combat negativity is working hard for positivity to emerge.  Keep on generating encouraging results and you would soon be back within the good graces, in no time.


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