Ways to Leverage Influencers in your PR Campaign

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Ways to Leverage Influencers in your PR Campaign

We live in the era of smart consumers- a set of hyper-sensitized, uber-connected audience, who can prove to be a boon or even bane for any fledgling brand. Their loyalty remains questionable, and why not? With the rise of “me too” brands/products/services, it is natural for these consumers to look out for their best interest. Hence, marketers are successively incorporating innovative ways to up their ante- one of the freshest and novel ways being Influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is no monster of the Loch Ness - it simply entails leveraging of influencers to get your message across, as they represent marketing influence. Influencers can be bloggers, consultants, market analysts, critics or just about anyone who is popular online, even if they do not have a massive follower count. They are creative, engaging and real, proving to be a goldmine for your brand. Consumers associate themselves more with influencers owing to them being people from every walks of life and tend to often seek their tips while buying a new product or trying a new service. For every influencer you “influence,” their opinion impacts dozens, so it is a no-brainer, win-win situation for you to inculcate influencer marketing.

For any Public Relations campaign, influencers play a vital role in making it sellable and in modern-age terms- “viral”. Going viral and garnering more buzz is the modus operandi of any PR agency and therefore, it is important to build a genuine connect with influencers and experts, to help grow brand awareness and drive conversions.

So, let’s deep dive into making the best of influencer marketing:


Incentivise messaging on their social portals

Irrespective of whichever channel they are using- whether they’re blogging, sharing your posts on social media or otherwise talking about your brand, you are provided with an outlet to tap into a new section of audience you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Provide them with perks to talk about your brand, such as free products, discounts, sneak-peek and so on. Don’t forget to leverage the hype by including a call-to-action option, as this is a unique way to bring them into your sales funnel.


Invite them to speak at an open forum

Create an event, live or virtual, inviting influencers to congregate and share their opinions. Having an expert or influencer-centric event will earn you brownie points in the view of influencers, while increasing your attendee list and correlate your brand with thought leaders. You can broadcast that event into various channels, apart from using video graphic records to cull tips for a white paper or tip sheet and even create a series, inviting your followers and fans to download the full segment.


Sponsor an advertisement on their site

This old-school route is a great way to commence a relationship with an influencer who doesn’t know who you are.  A shout out, through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on helps build familiarity, while increasing their spectrum of vision in regard to your brand. Instead of putting a uni-dimensional ad on their site, put a piece of content to pique their visitors/followers interest. Offering helpful content will capture the audience’s interest further, leading to the growth of your email list and better track return on investment.



Most importantly, position yourself as an influence, as that attracts pertinent influencers in troves. Provide practical and authoritative information, not promotional “hype” and you are set to be the beloved of every influencer in town. After all, popularity talks and how!


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