The fundamental PR strategy for e-commerce business

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The fundamental PR strategy for e-commerce business

The ongoing demand for online retail is ushering in new opportunities for retail players to cash on. Yet, for an increased level of visibility and positive review generation, they require the help of specialized PR for business to cater to their needs. In this era of consumer empowerment, one ill review can mean the death knell for the concerned organization. Hence, one needs additional ammunition    to churn in a key driver of performance, while providing cutting memorable experience for consumers to bank on.

Most are familiar with the benefits of public relations as a valuable part of Marketing Strategy for business. However, many often don’t realize that PR for eCommerce framework of business calls for a technology-sensitized understanding of the marketplace, with in-depth knowledge on unique dimensions of campaigns that deliver best-in-class visibility and clarity to consumer’s vicinity.Today, brands like Voylla and Jazz my Ride have effectively utilized PR for their strategies, noting a marked upswing in sale and the rate of interaction with consumer. Success stories are made of equal portions of hard work and smart work, and PR for online sellers proves so.

Unlike traditional PR techniques, PR strategy for e-Commerce entails the use of a two-way communication between the public and the respective business organization, to garner profits and create a growth trajectory to scale. This two-way communication acts as a distinctive factor between traditional tropes and digital ingenuity. Whether you are a new entrant on the digital world or seasoned players like The Lingerie Shop and Deal Kya Hai, these following steps would help you utilize PR:


Use Official Blog wisely

A blog is an online space that the organization exercises to publish its own content. The content is often built keeping the target audience in mind. In the PR field, a blog is looked upon as a valuable asset. When honed to its fullest, an official blog can become a valuable platform to convey PR related information, generating awareness amongst the audience of interest.


Consider social media as a friend

Social media is an integrated part of PR strategy. When effectively used enlisting a host of portals- from text inclusive to picture friendly, you can reach, tap in and in-turn, influence your target audience. You can use social media to connect with fans and your loyal consumers while scoping out newer audiences to lure in locally as well as globally.


Integrate Across Channels

With the help of PR, generate multi-channel offerings, permitting consumers to experience your brand on a consistent basis, as it adds flexibility and diversity in compliance to consumer’s fancy. Yet, be sure that products you are selling through different channels are adequately distinguished from accounting for price differences.


Provide sharing incentives 

To harness the elusive visibility and create exclusive consumer experience fun and engaging, sharing should be made an integral part of the PR plans. It’s a strategy that works for many successful businesses that offer free usage of their premium course work to capture the attention and buy-in from users. Providing incentives through PR like freebies ensure that the patrons/consumers get a reason to come back for more.


Engage influencers to your brand 

Similar to any organization, you will be brimming with ideas and yet forgo the relationship building aspect- especially with the ones you call influencers. Instead, enlist PR to build real relationships with people you regard as influential in your industry. They can give your business a push through endorsements; shout outs, channelizing the mass to be on your side.



These are a few tips that you can use to establish your brand, by harnessing PR. So try to implement them suitably and see the positive impact over all verticals.


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