Social Media and Political Communication in India

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Social Media and Political Communication in India


Social media and political communication in India has seen changes that can rival to the shades a chameleon changes, in accordance to the situation that is brewed out of mass following.  Going viral is the best way to communicate as social media creates newer ways of mobilizing public opinion, while at the same time, encouraging participation in political and humanitarian activities –from joining online petition and social groups, to expressing supports through blogs and uploading videos on YouTube. Certainly, it is an engaging yet alarming time to be in as reputations are made, making it a precarious yet fruitful path to tread on . While such advancements enable citizens to discuss and share political information while critically monitor the actions of governments, it can be also misused by malicious opponents to serve vested interest. Yet, its development in the political arena is noted with much awe amongst the masses and politically inclined bodies alike.

Post the victory of AAP, through its prolific PR campaign being empowered by social media and building a juggernaut of a social media campaign for BJP, use of social media in politics has significantly increased. There are various ways by which people contribute to the political fabric, by commenting, creating memes and even trolling. For instance, UP residents can tweet their grievances by tagging their erstwhile Chief Minister, Shri Yogi Adityanath and be rest assured to have their issues tended to on a prompt basis. This reach ensures that people can now be a part of news; express their views at the comfort of their surroundings. Videos and pictures of sting operation are shared on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms showing the truth without any counter infiltration of sorts. This has ensured that the common man has a voice to be heard, increasing the participation in politics.

Social Media – Only way to reach out to youth

Even though politicians still resort to the use of posters, cut-outs, fliers, graffiti and personal rally’s to reach and win over voters, parties are becoming tech savvy and realizing its implications on the youth.  Today, student factions of political bodies are active in portals such as Facebook, to lure in votes and inspire the youth to vote. Hashtag campaigns have been launched to make voting a youth –centric process and “vote-selfies” are in rage, now. A rise in conscience amongst the youth is being aptly utilized by parties, with special congregations and live chats being held to cash on this.

Social Media Savvy Politicians

Social media has become an integral part of news dissemination as Facebook and Twitter tend to provide news faster than most channels today. Celebrities, sports stars and corporate head honchos are present on these sites to develop their fan base while add a human touch to their persona. Lately, many politicians have also taken to social media like a fish to water with likes of Akhilesh Yadav, Shashi Tharoor, Arun Jaitly and even our honourable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi gracing our Twitter pages with their presence. Their constant updates on various platforms educate and inspire a fervour of fairness and justice within us.


Technology has always been a harbinger of change and it is revolutionizing the political scenario to an incessant level. Soon, voting through our digital devices via special apps won’t be much of a surprise as a greater integration is anticipated.


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