What Can Help You Prove the Success of Your Companys PR Investment

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 What Can Help You Prove the Success of Your Companys PR Investment

Evolution has always been considered as the harbinger of positive growth and the same can be said for the steady rise in the PR industry. Yet, this growth has come with its own set of trouble. In fact, today's successful PR pro must adapt to a wide range of new responsibilities that goes beyond its usual tropes pertaining to media relations. PR has taken over all owned content, social media, and data analysis on outcomes and yet the resources, along with the budget remain on the same scale. Why? Because organizations are still hesitant to spend more on a category that has a long foresighted outcome and less structured measurement. The lack of constructive PR measurement means that organizations need to change the way they build teams, and structure measurement models. These changes require investments in new PR measurement tools and performance skills and hence, PR teams need to prove their worth of salt. Easier said than done, you might say, yet here are a few steps that you can adapt to hammer home the point:


Intelligent measurement of Return of investment is built on benchmarks- an integral component that organizations often take lightly. It is assumptions, guesswork, and intuition that take preference over pre-mediated parameters. Here is where most PR teams go wrong as assumptions don’t guarantee success- hence, dithering from the client’s side. In comparison, Benchmarks are calculated risks that use pertinent evaluation and factual data to back up the predicted outcome, while setting expectations and goal. This provides you a better bandwidth to negotiate pricing while providing constructive steps to avoid failure. It is important to develop own benchmarks to measure long-term performance.

Content Engagement

Content has become an integral part in garnering visibility, through establishing thought leadership and in turn, construction and maintenance of a cesspool of valuable content have become an added responsibility. Consistent communications that highlight the brand message are an added asset to every brand campaign, therefore measuring your content engagement levels can be a helpful way to gauge market perception and set viable footsteps to convince financing.

Align you focus on aspects such as on certain factors, such as:

  • Social shares, mentions, and comments

  • Domain rank and site traffic

  • Referral traffic

  • Span of diversity and tools utilized

  • Time allotted


Although it is good to keep up with the changes of the industry, a shift of focus on measurement models that show a real return on investment is required, in order to bolster up to competition. Through quantifiable efforts and results, a PR team can accurately prove their success and defend elevated spending with confidence.



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