The Challenge of Proving the Value of Public Relations Today

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The Challenge of Proving the Value of Public Relations Today

One of the acts of being a part of the PR agency is undertaking the selfless act of promoting others to uphold a positive image of the client. PR campaigns are largely about convincing an audience of the importance of a message and in turn increasing visibility for the brand. Yet, more often than not, agencies need to toot their own horn to prove value. Their problem here lies in the core of PR- lack of measurable value.  Displaying credibility through tangible value may seem like a mammoth task, yet it can be simplified, by following the below points:

1. Assess your organization’s objectives and align them to your PR strategy: It is necessary to inquire- both directly and indirectly. The direct method can involve asking around the purpose for opting PR, while the more underhand indirect route calls for corporate communications to add context to what you have observed from the management. Avoid treading solely on PR objectives; extend your peripheral view in contributing to overall success.

2. Gauge their evaluation meter: This might require a great deal of online snooping and reading below the lines. Collect information that would help you determine management’s preferences for evaluating  PR agency success. Post this, can you move further in crafting a veritable plan.

3. Objectives should measurable, meaningful and reasonable: Far-out plans work in advertising- even the ridiculous can be made feasible with a whacky viewpoint. Yet, Public Relations is a subtle man’s job and requires a lot of taciturn steps to rope in spot-on results. The objectives need to be formed in such a way that they can be clearly articulated, reflects easily in organizational objectives and are attainable. These criteria ensure that results are of long-term nature and not just feasible in spring.

4. Deliver results in the language of business: Often, PR agency executives forget on the importance of business jargon- a key to garnering respect and credibility. Words like “viral” and “ buzz” might intimidate the usually business-minded people Instead, consider the language of the boardroom: Presenting your data in terms of “results versus objectives” or “results compared to competitors” and “results over time” makes it easy for everyone to understand your success.

5. Communicate performance consistently and constantly: It is an important trait to hammer things into people’s mind- stolen from the books of advertising gurus all over the world. To prove the worth of your strategies, you have to constantly remind them of the usefulness- through performance. Even if management hasn’t asked, your reports will create an appetite for more measurement and, over time, more public relations resources.


Proving the value of your PR strategy may initially seem like moving mountain- but with proactive steps, even the immovable can be twisted to dance to your tune.



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